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Maiya May is a weather producer and documentarian, whose ultimate goal is to bring you stories on how weather shapes our world. Maiya's passion for weather stems from her overall love of the outdoors. During her time at the University of Missouri, she found her niche working with the weather department at KOMU-TV8 in Columbia, MO. There, she assisted with creating and building forecasts and filling in for on-air meteorologists every week. This opportunity opened doors for more internship opportunities in Atlanta, GA. Since completing her internship for KOMU, Maiya has held three additional positions with local affiliates and nationwide networks. She is currently Weather Producer for WSB-TV, located in Atlanta, GA. 

Maiya continues to advocate and share her love of weather through, Join The Adventure-- a docu-series that takes viewers on inspiring ventures to interpret weather's influence on our planet and culture.


University of Missouri- Columbia | Atmospheric Science & Geography




WAGA- FOX 5 Atlanta

WSBTV- Channel 2 Atlanta

The Weather Channel





why fitness?

“In 2018, I was struggling. Outwardly, it appeared as if I had it all together. Traveling, filming, spending time w/ friends… That’s a good recipe for happiness, right? One would think...

Despite doing all of the things that I enjoy, I was still struggling with stress and anxiety. There were times that I didn’t know how I would make it through my work day. Panic attacks were the norm. I was even struggling to find the motivation to work on my Iceland doc.

I was in a haze.

Then I found my therapy... The gym. Finding consistency in the gym and taking positive steps in my health and wellness journey has helped me so much. I wake up everyday, excited to hit the gym because I know how much better I feel after a workout. After the gym, I’m excited to seize the day.

At the beginning of the year, I made the decision to start sharing my fitness journey. Fitness has helped me in so many ways, I’d be selfish not to share. My goal is to inspire others to make positive steps in their own health and wellness journey.

You can find my fitness related posts and workouts on my Instagram profile. Let’s make changes together!”